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Urban Fox

Folk Music



We would like to introduce Urban Fox to you. (x3 piece folk band.) We have added some of our music for you to listen to at the bottom of this web page. We hope you enjoy.

Urban Fox are a Coventry folk music trio. We sing original songs in three part harmony, covers, as well as well known tunes. Arranged by the band with guitar, fiddle, penny whistles, cittern, mandolin, and cajon. We play frequently at gigs, events, and festivals.

The band:

Nigel Ward has played over the last 5 decades in many bands, and as a solo artist. Most recently has performed with Tommy Dempsey, and was fiddle player for the celtic folk-rock and ceilidh band, Rack and Ruin, still playing as a guest. Nigel is well known for bands including The Odd Sods, The Sly Old Dogs, and The Hairy Folkers. Nigel composes and sings much of the material for Urban Fox. Nigel plays the guitar, fiddle, mandolin and cittern.

Allan Dawson has been active in music, and performing arts in Coventry, and surrounding areas for many years, and has played most recently in the bands, Nightshift - as well as the Coombe Street Band. Allan plays 6 string, 12 string guitars, as well as Cajon, and Mandolin. He also adds vocal harmonies, and his own musical material to the band.

Louisa Dowden has been involved in music around the Coventry area for many years, singing and playing in several genres, and enjoying traditional sessions of all kinds. Her recent bands are The Sisters Of Murphy, and The Wild Mountain Boys. Louisa plays fiddle, guitar, and whistles, as well as providing harmonies, and lead vocals.

Urban Fox have also run many open mic events at The Humber pub, encouraging local artists to perform. As a band, Urban Fox have over 2 hours of material, and are available for bookings - from floor spots, festivals and whole night bookings.

Caliope HouseUrban Fox
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Urban FoxUrban Fox
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Coventry Weaver New (1)Urban Fox
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